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Elvis is Still Alive!!!!

January 8th would have been ELVIS PRESLEY’s 82nd birthday.  And as usual, there was a birthday celebration at Graceland in Memphis.  But the most surprising guest of all that day was . . . ELVIS HIMSELF.

There’s a picture from the festivities where you can see a burly guy with a white beard and mustache.  He’s wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses.  And people think he’s actually The King.

There’s a Facebook page called Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive . . . because of course there is . . . and when the picture was posted there, a lot of people decided that this guy is exactly what Elvis would look like if he were alive today.

They also think there are security guards in the background keeping tabs on him.  Obviously, the real Elvis would travel with protection . . . you know, just in case somebody saw through his elaborate disguise of hat and sunglasses.

And as long as we’re pointing out how silly all of this is, I say this man is nowhere near 82 anyway.

There’s even more to the story here!

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