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Everyone’s A Psychopath | The Mix Morning Fix Podcast With Extras Nov. 14th

Jon has bathroom questions, Justin calls us all psychopaths, and Jackson is leaving us for Cancun.

All this, plus we talk about the guy who faked his own murder.

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Show Extras

Paid Vacation
We told you about a company that wants to pay you $10,000/month to live in Cancun. All you have to do is make videos, try restaurants, and hang out with the locals. So if you want your life to be like this:

or this

Or this!!



Apply here!!


Apparently I’m a Psychopath
Justin’s choose the news story was a study from NYU about Psychopaths. It suggests that Psychopaths have similar taste in music and most of their subjects liked Justin Bieber, Eminem, and one of my all time favorites: BLACKSTREET




Faked His Own Murder
Jon to the story of a man whose wife put a hit out on him, so he faked his own murder. You can see the full story here, but check out this makeup job below. It’s insane.


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