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Jon’s entire personality hinges on sandwiches, Justin is Dad 2.0, and Jackson was right about a comic book thing!

All this plus, should a dad pressure his son into calling his new wife “mom”? Well, real mom begs to differ.

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Welcome to Dare Week! 
All week long, we’ll be spinning a wheel with each of our names on it to see who has to complete a dare. Jon lost today and had to eat some really gross stuff. Check it out (forward to 6:17 to get to the gross stuff).

Kicking off Dare Week! Day 1- Jon Watkins eats 5 spoonfuls of random condiments.

Posted by MIX 105.1 Utah on Monday, May 14, 2018


Oprah’s Commencement Speech 
We played a clip of Oprah’s commencement speech from USC this weekend. Here’s the full video. 



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