Jon And Chantel

Mix Morning Fix Podcast With Extras – 9/13/2017

Jon saves a couple bucks by packing dead bodies on ice instead of just hiring a refrigerated truck, Justin sells his practically new trampoline, and Jackson confesses his undying love for Bird Show Nick. Listen now on iTunes or Spreaker.

PLUS- Stick around at the end of the episode for another installment of “Mix Morning Fix- AFTER DARK.” You’ll never look at a trampoline the same way again.

Listen to “9-13-2017” on Spreaker.

Show Extras


We wish everyone was as excited to see us every day as our dogs are. Check out what our dogs do when we get home.

Workplace Crushes:

All this talk of hot cops during “I Can’t Even” made us think about the crushes we have on people at their workplace. Not our co-workers; but someone we interact with fairly often where they work that we have a crush on. Jackson admitted to a crush he has on “Bird Show Nick,” a burley, eagle-wielding  man who works at the Hogle Zoo’s bird show. Jon has a crush on his regular barista and his wife is bummed because all of her friends get to go see a super hot gynecologist, but he doesn’t accept their insurance (whomp whomp). Her are some of our favorite crush texts from our listeners:


Jackson’s Burrito Dance Party 

We talked about Thrillist’s list of The Single Best Menu Item at Every Major Fast Food Place. That’s when listener Cody totally called Jackson out.


Here’s Jackson to defend himself:

1) It was a cheesy bean and rice burrito, not a bean a cheese. Get your facts straight.
2) There was nothing sensual about it. I was having a “Feels” burrito dance party.
3) Get your mind out of the gutter.

New @calvinharris and @tacobell potato tacos. Getting the day started off right. 🙌🏻🌮

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