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The Mix Morning Fix with Truckboy, Justin, and Jackson | Podcast With Extras 9-21-2017

Jon gets a new nickname, Justin wastes food like some sort of animal, and Jackson shares some very risqué photos of Judge Judy.

All this PLUS you only have one more day to enter for a chance to win a trip to Nashville, TN to see Harry Styles. Details on our Instagram.

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Show Extras

Jon gets a new nickname
Jon has been test driving a truck to see if it’s something he’d be interested in buying one. In other words, he’s considering becoming a “truck guy”

Yeah, probably won’t happen. He told us that, last night, he tried climbing into the truck, but slipped and fell out of it instead. Which lead to a new nickname…



Taylor Swift Mashups
During Justin’s Showbiz Beat, we discussed a Taylor Swift/Right Said Fred mashup. Which was fine… But then Jackson took it to the next level.

Some evil genius did a mash up of “Look What You Made Me Do” and Britney’s “Toxic.” Check it for yourself.


Judge Judy is Bae
Jackson brought up the fact that Judge Judy is a total fox when she not in her judge robes. Jon and Justin did not believe him. A quick google search proved them both very wrong.




Listener Tonja is terrifying
Today we asked you guys if it’s too early for Halloween decorations. One listener said that she thinks it’s never too early, but her decorations are so terrifying, she has to wait until the day before.

Let’s take a closer look…

Bloody saw? NOPE. Skin mask? NOPE. Plastic on the walls? NOPE


Sturart Edge 
We had YouTube super star Stuart Edge in to talk about his Make-A-Wish partnership. Check out the video:

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