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The Ol’ Condor with Jon, Justin, and Jackson | Mix Morning Fix Podcast with Extras Sept. 28

Jon is a locker room creeper, Justin channels spirits for the correct “Name the Year” answer, and Jackson hates on Ohio.

Listen to “9-28-2017” on Spreaker.


Show Extras- 

7 Minutes in Heaven
Our very own Jon Watkins started a podcast!

“What happens when we die? “7 Minutes in Heaven” is a podcast devoted completely to this question. Host Jon Watkins interviews guests who have had near-death experiences.”

Check out the first two episodes right here.

The California Condor
Today during “Name the year,” one of Jon’s clues was that all wild California condors were rounded up for a breeding program in 1987. Okay, but the story is so much cooler than that.

Kondor1 groß.jpg
By Frier/ Nikon, Scott – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Digital Library System,
Public Domain, Link

First of all, they’re one big-ass bird. Their wingspan can stretch almost 9 ft. and they can weigh 20 lbs. with HOLLOW BONES. They’re the largest land-bird in North America.
Secondly, it can basically live forever. One of the longest-living birds, they can reach 60-years old.
Third, they’ll go a long way for a decent meal. They’ll fly over 160 miles to find a meal of carrion (dead animals).
But most importantly, they were brought back from extinction!


Find out more about the California Condor’s resurrection on Jackson’s Nerd Corner

Gymnogyps californianus1.jpg
Public Domain, Link

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