Jon And Chantel

The Road to Hell is Paved With Good and Plenty | MMF Podcast with Extras Oct. 6th

Jon tells us how watching sports can kill you, Justin pimps out Marie Calendar’s, and Jackson has some harsh words for the makers of Good and Plenty.

All this, plus we’re joined by movie critic Luke Hickman for a review of Blade Runner.

Listen to “10-06-2017” on Spreaker.

Show Extras

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Jon’s Podcast 7 Minutes in Heaven
Check out the latest episode of Jon’s podcast about near death experiences below.
Listen to “Ep 3- Angie Fenimore” on Spreaker.
Candy Debate
Every episode tends to spur a really dumb fight between the three guys. This week? It’s candy. Jon and Justin say that Good and Plenty is a superior candy to Junior Mints and Jackson feels badly for them because they have terrible taste. Vote in our poll below.

What Did You Set on Fire?
Yesterday we asked you what you had set on fire “accidentally” (or in Jackson’s case, purposefully). Here are some of our favorite texts.

Gordon Ramsey’s worst nightmare.


Romance will kill you.


Um…. Bugspray? 


For the safety of your classmates, that’s probably the best option. 


This is why teenagers should be locked up until adulthood; They’re scary.


More importantly, is the cake okay? 


Love ruins everything 


Wait… Can showers burn? 

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