Jon And Chantel

The Taco Debate | The Mix Morning Fix Podcast with Extras Oct. 4th

 Jon can’t spell shoulder, Justin wants to scare his children, and Jackson might be an arsonist.

All this, plus we put an end to the taco chain debate.

Listen to “10-04-2017” on Spreaker.

 Show Extras

Taco Taste Test
It’s National Taco Day and, as usual, the guys couldn’t agree on where to go. So they did a blind taste test. Check it out here:



Men Are Creepy
Today we asked you what creepy things men have said to you. And the majority of them… couldn’t be read on air. Here are some of our favorites:

This Burrito Lover


This little puppy

Don’t say things like that to people holding a blade next to your neck


This old swinger




Turns out Jon’s prey is a listener


I’m werking. Leave me alone.


Naughty Noelle


50 shades of nope


Stop. It. Now.


Goo Goo for Cocoa Puffs



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