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There’s No “I” In Sportsketball | Morning Show Podcast With Extras

Jon outdoes himself with the worst Family Feud list yet, Justin finds a whole new reason to love work, and Jackson learns how to speak sportsketball.

All this, plus a new Fiance Friday.

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The Full Scoop
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Superbowl Prediction Video
Who’s winning the Superbowl? We have the

Michael Jackson ft. Jon Watkins
Michael Jackson performed at the ’93 Super Bowl Halftime Show along with our very own Jon Watkins who was a member of the International Children’s Choir. Check out the performance.


How They Make It: Lombardi Edition
Jon asked if there was a time lapse video of the Lombardi trophy being made. Couldn’t find that,  but this one is FASCINATING.


Big Game Poll


How Do You Sleep At Night?!
People are falling asleep to the sound of bacon cooking. Does it work for you?


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