Jon And Chantel

This Disney Cheeseburger is ‘Incredible’

Disney is known for stocking its theme parks with (to put it nicely) unique foods to complement their movies and rides. 

But honestly, there’s just no preparing for this one. 

Introducing: The Super Stretchy Burger inspired by the much anticipated Disney/Pixar Incredibles 2.

This isn’t your run-of-the-meal basic biscuit. This burger is topped with American cheese, bacon, garlic sauce, and MOZZARELLA STICKS. For added measure, the top bun is stamped with The Incredibles logo.

Aside from being absolutely delicious, this burger is worth it just for the Instagram photos. While there isn’t an end date in site, this culinary masterpiece most likely won’t be around long. So next time you’re in Disney, you absolutely have to have one.


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