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Twitter Users Share How Their ‘Sims’ Characters Died

Honestly, a lot of these are pretty messed up. 

Like Tamagotchi pets on steroids, The Sims is a life simulation game. When you factor in the sequels and expansion packs, the game has sold nearly 200 million copies worldwide making it one of the best selling video games of all time.

But far beyond it’s original purpose of building a nice house, getting married, and keeping your Sims character happy enough not to die, the game has gotten quite advanced. Your characters are customizable down to their scars and tattoos, expansion packs allow your characters to get pets, go to college, and as you’ll see below, die in very mysterious (and frankly sometimes hilarious) ways. 

1) You can’t take your eye off them for even a minute

2) You know white girl Sims… Always on fire

3) TBH, I’d rather die than go to the gym

4) TBH again, I’d rather die than do home repairs

5) Silent but deadly

6) A really bad Armageddon remake

7) Me as a mom

8) Who even needs 5 sugar daddies?!

9) If your man ain’t willing to die with you, find another

10) Me when I meet Judge Judy

11) Worker’s Comp


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