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WATCH | Armie Hammer Facing Backlash After Video of Toddler Sucking on His Toes

 It’s easy to overshare and post too much of your kid’s life on social media.  But THIS is on a different, slightly weirder level . . .  Actor ARMIE HAMMER posted a six-second video of his two-year-old son Ford SUCKING ON HIS TOES.

Not his own toes . . . his DAD’S toes.  

It shows Ford with his dad’s big toe AND second toe shoved in his mouth.  Then he spits them out and starts laughing.  So he’s obviously having a blast with it.

Armie added the hashtag, “FOOT FETISH ON FLEEK,” and claimed it went on for about SEVEN MINUTES.  Naturally, that attracted some backlash.

But Armie’s wife Elizabeth said it was closer to five seconds than seven minutes . . . that Ford’s fondness for feet is a running joke in their family . . . and that sharing it with the world probably wasn’t a good idea.

She added that their kids’ “safety and well-being is always [their] top priority.”

Most people online think he probably shouldn’t have shared it.  And the “foot fetish” hashtag only made it weirder.  But a lot of parents think people are overreacting, which the Internet is known to do . . . and that it’s just the life of a normal parent.

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