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WATCH | Sandara Bullock’s ‘Bird Box’ Trailer

Sandra Bullock’s new Netflix horror movie hits theaters today. 

Bird Box takes place during the apocalypse. Creatures have taken over the world who, if you see them, show you your worst fear. Honestly, they sound an awful lot like the boggarts in the Harry Potter series. 


Sandra must protect her kids by getting them to an alleged sanctuary. To avoid the creatures, she and the kids are blindfolded on their journey. Honestly, it sounds an awful lot like A Quiet Place rip-off. 




 Regardless of the “borrowed” themes, Bird Box actually looks great. As a big horror movie and Sandra Bullock fan, I can’t wait for this one to drop.

The theatrical release is limited and it doesn’t appear to be playing in the Salt Lake City area. But the film will drop 12/21 on Netflix. Check out the trailer below.


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