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Watermelon to the Face | Mix Morning Fix Podcast With Extras Oct. 18th

Jon can’t even with the flu shot this year, Justin keeps making everyone look at Gordon Hayward’s ankle, and Jackson gets yelled at at the dog park.

Listen to “10-18-2017” on Spreaker.

Show Extras

7 Minutes in Heaven
New episode of Jon’s podcast 7 Minutes In Heaven, it’s a 7 minute interview with people who have had near-death experiences and come back to tell us what has happened. Check it out below.

Listen to “Ep 4- PMH Atwater” on Spreaker.

Pet Costume Contest
Saturday is the big day. Our Pet Costume Contest! To get you pumped for it, Jackson put together a list of 15 of the best pet costumes. Sneak peek below:


Gordon Hayward
Justin mentioned that Gordon Hayward broke his ankle while playing for the Celtics last night. He made Jackson look at the picture and since Jackson writes the show blogs, he’s make you look at it, too.  Enjoy.

Watermelon Ham
Right before the showbiz beat, Jon talked about how Jackson was sharing videos of people getting hit in the face. So… here they are:



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