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We Waste Over $300 Per Month Eating Out, Buying Too Many Subscriptions, And More

If you could JUST stop ordering from Postmates and subscribing to Cinemax, you’d be SO rich, dude.

According to a new study, we overspend on things we don’t need an average of eight times a month, for a total of $315.  That’s almost $4,000 every year.

And here are some of the BAD financial decisions we make that are draining our bank accounts.

1.  Getting takeout or delivery instead of cooking.

2.  Shopping because you’re bored.

3.  Paying for subscriptions you rarely use.

4.  Paying bills late so you wind up getting hit with a fee.

5.  Getting Ubers instead of walking.

Now to be honest here, I could get rid of all these things… But they’re the only things that make life worth living. So, no thanks.



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