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Wild Raccoon Moves Into Zoo, Keepers Can’t Evict Him

Turns out there IS such a thing as a free lunch. 

Keepers at the Heidelberg Zoo in Germany found an extra resident in their raccoon exhibit. A wild raccoon managed to slip in with the original seven residents. And there’s no way for the zoo to kick him out. 

According to WTHR, the EU released a directive establishing raccoons as an invasive species in Europe. Invasive species can have a devastating effect on native wildlife and the resources they depend on. Because of this, it would be illegal for the zoo to release him back into the wild. 

Luckily the raccoon, whom the zoo named Fred, gets along well with the original family. He basically found himself a scavenger’s retirement home. He will receive free room and board for the remainder of his life. 

The bad news: in order to stay at the zoo, he will have to be castrated. Small price to pay for an eternity of peace and safety. 


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