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Yo Ho Ho and an Idaho Spud | Mix Morning Fix Podcast With Extras 9-19-2017

Jackson talks in his sleep, Jon’s car gets vandalized yet again, and Justin thinks he’s found a candy bar Jackson hasn’t tried yet. Plus, we play the “Bad Joke game: Pirate Edition” for National talk like a pirate day (don’t worry, we don’t over-do it). LISTEN NOW ON ITUNES OR SPREAKER.

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Show Extras:

Could Jon Beat Up Mario Lopez?
Mario Lopez got into an altercation at a hotel gym which lead to his phone being thrown and broken by a hotel guest. Mario just walked away from the situation without actually throwing a punch. But that got us to thinking: how would Mario Lopez do in a fight? Jon thinks he could totally take him because he’s “pretty boy strong,” not actually strong. One listener even text in that Mario is, like 4-feet tall.

Jackson has this to say: First of all, Mario Lopez is 5’10”, so there goes that theory. And also, Jon is neither pretty boy strong or strong, strong. So these are all bad arguments.

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Yellowstone Supervolcano

We briefly discussed NASA’s plan to drill into Yellowstone to relieve pressure and hopefully prevent or delay an impending supervolcano eruption. We talked about it briefly because Jackson is a dummy and only knew a fraction of what was actually going on. Good news though, he did a lot of research and you can get all caught up on that nerdy science news here. 

Sleep Talking Texts
Jackson had a revelation over the weekend: He talks in his sleep. Not only does he talk in his sleep, he does full radio shows in his sleep. Because apparently not even unconsciousness can keep him from working.

He’s not alone though. Jon and his wife have full sleep conversations together and Justin just wiggles around a whole bunch.

So we asked our listeners to tell us what they’ve said/done in their sleep. Here are our favorite texts.

1) Stop, Drop, and Roll Out


2) This very stern hotel worker


3) When you finally understand what a Sharknado is



4) More like Orlando BOOM  


5) Sleeping with one eye open



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