Jon And Chantel

You Should Re-Think Those Vampire Teeth | Morning Show Podcast

Jon’s basement is haunted, Justin’s apartment is haunted, and Jackson’s mansion is haunted. 

The best 5 Halloween candies.
We bone up on our burger trivia.
We have a very ‘Wicked’ Halloween. 
Jackson has been marked by the beast. 
Justin is the Walmart of this show. 
Jon’s trick-or-treating ritual is so lame.
And we help you prank your kids’ candy.

Listen to “You Should Re-Think Those Vampire Teeth” on Spreaker.


5 Best Halloween Chocolate Candies
1. Reece’s Peanutbutter Cups
2. Kit Kat
3. Hershey’s Bar
5. Milky Way

Ariana Grande – Wicked
Check out the video from Ariana’s Wicked performance.

Jimmy Eat World- Last Christmas
Somehow, Halloween seems to get overshadowed by Christmas… and our show is no different. We were discussing all the different artists who have covered Last Christmas. Here is the Jimmy Eat World version.



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