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10 U.S. Olympic Thirst Traps – Dude Edition

Sportsketball has never really been my thing. But The Olympics are different.

The Olympics are basically a meat parade. The hottest, fittest people from all around the world showing off their bodies and skills. Who couldn’t be into that? Out of hundreds of Olympic athletes, the finest ones come from the good ol’ USA. Here are 10 thirst traps we’ve sent out to tempt the world.


Joey Mantia – Speed Skating
The 32-year old world record holder is a Utah native and a self-described “rink rat.” Also, his legs are the craziest thing you’ll see all day.

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Gus Kenworthy – Freestyle Skiing
26-year-old Gus Kenworthy may have been born in the U.K., but he’s playing for the right team now. Now living in Telluride, Colorado, Gus brought home the silver for Men’s Freestyle in the 2014 Sochi games. He was also featured in ESPN’s 2017 body issue. Scroll through his Instagram for those photos, but beware, the heat may melt your computer (oh, and they’re NSFW).

Chris Mazdzer – Luge
Pyeongchang marks Chris’ third consecutive Olympic run. While the 29-year-old took 13th place in Vancouver and Sochi, he broke the streak this year. He took silver in Men’s Single Luge. He’s the first, and currently the only non-European medalist in that event. And he has a smile that could melt butter.

After a pretty long and exhausting month I have finally hit a point where my spirit and motivation feel like breaking. I get so frustrated when it feels that I am putting 100% into something and I see 0 progress. Although the picture just looks like I hit a few walls the mental pain runs much deeper because it feels like the late night/early mornings over the past summer have been for nothing… but from this point we all have a choice. Give up, or wake up with purpose and continue to grind. Although this feeling sucks and I wish I could lay in bed for a single day, I know I need to continue because I have unfinished business. Showing up everyday is half the battle and currently it seems the only thing that I will always do right. There are so many people in my life that motivate me and I want to say thank you, because you help me show up everyday and not give up even though sometimes I want to. #ittakesavillage #roadtopyeongchang #thisroadsuckssometimes #justdoit #teamusa #thankyou

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John Daly – Skeleton
Originally a BMX racer, 32-year-old Daly switched to skeleton racing after he broke both of his wrists in a BMX practice run (yeah… because skeleton is so much safer). He’s pretty and he knows it. His Instagram bio reads, “A slightly funny, decently athletic, perfect haired dude.” TBH, he does have really nice hair.

Steve Langton – Bobsleigh
The last photo was a preview of this beautiful creature. Steve Langton looks the offspring of Clark Kent and an actual grizzly bear. Did you even know there were that many muscles in the human body? Oh, and I guess he does sportsketball as well.

#ThrowbackThursday to some summer push training.

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Nathan Chen – Figure Skating
Another Utahan making the list, 18-year-old Nathan Chen fell in the first round of team figure skating saying that nerves got the best of him. His ego may be a little bruised, but he’s still cute as a button.

So honored to be joining @nike's team of amazing athletes! #nike #justdoit #ad

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Evan Weinstock – Bobsleigh
The 26-year-old Las Vegas native’s Team USA bio reads “He loves Mexican food. …Favorite movie is Castaway…He is a lover of all animals, especially dogs.” It would have been easier to just write “boyfriend material.” Also, his eyelashes are so long, you could jump rope with them.


Jordan Greenway – Hockey
Not only is the 20-year-old college hockey player a total hunk, he’s also breaking barriers. Jordan is the first black hockey player in the U.S.’s 98 year Olympic hockey history.

First day of practice✔️ Opening Ceremonies next. #Olympics #Snowboarding

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That 70’s Show New Zealand

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Come celebrate @_whtspace with me at @macys downtown LA tonight. 6pm.

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Adam Rippon
The first openly gay U.S. figure skater in the Olympics, 28-year-old Rippon the funniest of them all. In a viral interview with NBC’s Andrea Joyce, Rippon stated, “I want to throw up, I want to go over to the judges and say, ‘Can I just have a Xanax and a quick drink?’” Funny, skates with a whole lot of attitude, and an unbelievable body. Full package.

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