105 Days Of Love – Random Acts Of Kindness: Week 3

Here we are – WEEK 3!

Random Acts of Kindness: Week 3 (#15-#21)

It’s our 4th annual 105 Days of Love and we want to keep up our tradition of spreading the love. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Mark Miller Subaru for the next 105 days we’ll be committing random acts of kindness and we courage you to join us! Are you stuck on what to do for 105 days? Don’t worry! We’ve got you! Each week we’ll be posting 7 random acts of kindness you can do for your loved ones, a stranger, yourself, and for the environment.

Here are the next 7 random acts of kindness for week 3. 


#15 – Start A Piggy Bank For A Cause
I know we live in a world where we have debit/credit cards and payments through phones. But for those that still carry cash around and the end of each day put all the change you get in it and save up for a cause. You could even take this to work and have your co-workers get involved as well. 



#16 – Donate Blood
This literally will help SAVE LIVES! I get it, needles can be scary, but honestly, these people are professionals and you’ll barely feel it poke you. Plus your donation can help save a life. That’s definitely worth it. 



#17 – Donate to the Food Bank
The Food Bank can always use donations year-round – not just around the holidays. Also with the Utah Food Bank every $1 monetary donation turns into $7 worth of food. 

#18 – Volunteer your time at a local cause.
We understand that everyone has a busy schedule but plan out a couple of hours for one day to help volunteer at a charity event, run, your local Boys & Girls club, or a homeless shelter. 



#19 – Use reusable grocery bags.
This might not seem like a normal “random act of kindness” but this will help reduce your plastic waste and help our environment. Plus some stores give you a small discount for bringing in a reusable bag! So you’ll save some cash too!



#20 – Leave a generous tip for a restaurant server. 
Sometimes just leaving a little more than that 18% percent can really help someone out. If you’re out eating and you noticed that you received exceptional service from your server, leave them a nice tip at the end with a sweet little note. 



#21 – Pass a good book on to a friend. 
Sometimes giving a friend a good recommendation is a random act of kindness. Plus if you have a book that you think a friend would enjoy, pass it along so they can read it.



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