17 New Things That Will Actually Make Your Life Better In 2018!

2018 is looking pretty cool with so many new things hitting the market… But which of these things will actually make a difference in your life?

Jake Stone here. I’m here to help you discover the coolest new devices that will make your life better in 2018!
I’ve gone ahead and created a list of my favorites, complete with description and testimony. Happy discovering!


Above is an actual email sent company-wide by my boss last week. This seems to happen often to people at work. Once a week, almost like clockwork, a group-wide email goes out with a subject line of missing headphones, missing car keys, or a missing wallet. Orbit solves that problem.

With a whole line of trackers to help you track down just about anything, they have made it so much easier to not be “that guy” who loses everything. I am currently using their Wallet Credit Card tracker. It has an option that if you get more than 100ft away from your wallet it sends an alert to your phone. This morning I was on a call, and as I was scrambling to get in my car and head to the office I get an alert to my phone telling me that I had left my wallet right as I was pulling out of my driveway. Genius! Pure genius! You can track items with their really easy to use App anywhere in the world. Let’s say you lose your car keys. You can track them with the app and a network of thousands of Orbit users worldwide. No more being stuck out at Saltair after a show searching for your car keys, just follow the app (I swear this has never happened to me). They offer products for glasses, car keys, wallets, backpacks, and more. You could in theory hook one of these things onto basically everything you own and voila! You never lose anything aging! Check them out at

2.)Embr Wave

Dude! Why is it so cold in this office?

It’s like 100,000 degrees in my office again today!

Similar comments are made at least 10 times a day around the radio stations, especially with Utah’s consistently bi-polar temperatures.

So how do we fix this? Thanks to a college wrestler from MIT, we have the Embr Wave. The Embr Wave is a slick device you wear on your wrist that helps to regulate your body temperature in almost any environment. With a simple touch, you have the power to make your body feel warmer or colder. Straight up space age stuff here! When I was trying this out I was super hot, sardined in a room with 100 other people. Within seconds of putting it on and turning it to the cool setting, I noticed a distinct change. How does it work? while I am still trying to wrap my head around the science behind it, it is at least apparent that your wrist is a magical place that can help change and control elements of your entire body (hence other wearables). Can you imagine taking this snowboarding or skiing? Thanks to Ember, I predict seeing significantly fewer coworkers wrapped in blankets at their desks in the future! Check it out for yourself at

3.)Magik by Kolibree

I have 7 & 9-year-old sons. Depending on the night, they are either the best or most out of hand children on earth when it comes to a bedtime routine. One thing I have found helps with them is what I lovingly call the “Mary Poppins” method of parenting – Make everything into a game. Instead of trying to make up a game for teeth brushing, augmented reality app Magik puts the fun into an otherwise daunting task that could definitely save time and money with the dentist.

Magik is a toothbrush product and app for kids that connects to tablets and allows them to play a fun brushing game to win prizes! It helps teach them proper brushing methods and ensures they get everywhere they need to without me having to nag at them. In the background, the app leads them through a customized brushing program and creates real-time data on the health of their teeth that helps both dentists and parents keep their kid’s teeth healthy and clean. My kids will LOVE this product and I am in LOVE with the idea of them brush their teeth effectively without the nightly stress that often accompanied my old method. Find out more about Magik at

4.) Zendure

I honestly still feel bad about this. A few years ago while we were doing an event, I startled one of my co-workers and he dropped his phone & battery pack in the parking lot. Before he could even react to pick it up, a car drove past and ran them both over. To put it lightly, they were both completely destroyed, and he was less than happy. Oddly enough, modern technology has brought us a solution to this very specific problem. Meet Zendure.

Zendure makes a whole line of “super battery packs” that have been tested to, among other things, withstand being driven over by cars. These things are tanks, but are still small and comfortable enough to use to charge a phone in your pocket. Zendure is here to save everyone from becoming the subject of a “Remember that one time so-and-so dropped his phone at a gas station and it was run over by a car?” office story. Find out more about Zendure on their website

5.) FLI Charge

I am on the road quite a bit for work and shows. Finding an open electrical outlet in a crowded airport or communal office space is often a challenge. I remember being in class and having to search all over a lecture hall to find a place to plug in my laptop. It was always a pain.

FLI Charge has taken on this problem and has created a beautiful solution. FLI Charge is a series of wireless charging pads that lay flat on the floor and can run across rooms, under desks, along walls, and be built into tables for you to connect to.

On a normal power strip you can only connect so many devices; once the outlets are full, you are out of luck. With the FLI Charge pads, you are only limited by the amount of space on the pad, giving you the ability to easily connect and charge your phone, laptop, tablet, monitor, and more just by setting it on the desk. Imagine eliminating all of the extra bulky power cables at your desk. Fewer cables, more space, everything always powered and charged; the future is bright kids! You can find out more about FLI Charge by heading over to

6.) Jabra True Wireless Ear Buds – Elite 65T

Finally! Truly functional wireless earbuds. Jabra has taken the concept of wireless earbuds and fixed literally all of my personal complaints.

  1. When used for talking on the phone, most earbuds sound terrible. Jabra has installed 4 different microphones that make them just like holding the phone to your mouth.
  2. The 4 mic technology takes in the ambient sound around you and applies some of the most incredible noise canceling technology I have ever heard. While trying these at a normal level, I had people yelling at me and could not hear them. It was pretty impressive.
  3. The charging case is actually durable and won’t break after the first month. (This may have happened with another brand I previously tried that, other than a reminder from me that a headphone jack on your phone should still exist, shall remain nameless.)

You should definitely check them out at

7.) Aftershokz – Bone Conduction Headphones

Aftershokz have come back strong in 2018 with a new version of their revolutionary headphones. Aftershokz are truly unique headphones that don’t actually go into or cover your ear as traditional headphones do. Instead, they vibrate the bone structure inside your ear to produce sound. Sounds fancy right? The sound quality is amazing and potentially causes less damage than traditional headphones. Plus, you can still have a conversation with someone at normal volume while using them. These have been wildly popular with runners, as you can hear the ambient noise of cars or people around you while running outdoors.

While this technology technically came out last year, the new models have become both more durable and affordable. Be sure to check them out at

8.) iRing by AAUXX

Finally, a durable grip and a stand for your phone! The iRing system installs in seconds on basically any phone or case and allows you to position your phone however you want it. The iRing desk mount holds your phone like a laptop on your desk while the car version does the same thing on your dashboard. The best part? It does not slip after a few minutes like every other device I have ever tried. Shout out to iRing for looking classy and defying gravity at the same time! Check out their other products like The Hook & Dock that work with the iRing at

9.) Nuvelon Flare Wireless Speakers

The house that I live in has the worst wiring job ever. It’s a rental, and has a few quirks, as rentals often do. In my case, a previous occupant pulled all of the copper wiring out of the house, thus making wireless TV and sound my go-to for basically everything. Now, wireless speakers are cool and all, but how do I find a full set that I can put all around my house or yard that connect together, sound great, and sync a really cool (and bright) light show? Oh, and easily take them with me when I move?  I give you, Nuvelon’s Flare Wireless Speaker System.

These not only sound great but also are visually incredible. They are sure to elevate the level of your next house party or BBQ. Plus, they have a 7+ hour battery life when not plugged in, turning camping and other outdoor activities into incredible audio experiences! They are super durable as well, almost as if they foresaw me dropping them in my attempt to use them for EVERYTHING. Well played, Nuvelon. Well Played. Check them out at

10.) Wicked Audio

If you live in Utah, you don’t have to look too far to find people who are changing the world of lifestyle audio. Our friends at Wicked Audio started in a basement in Provo and have kept Utah lifestyle at the core of their products! Once again, they have rolled out an impressive line of lifestyle headphone products. From earbuds to high-end headphones, Wicked understands what is needed for a day of riding at Brighton, hiking to the top of Mt Olympus, or mountain biking at Park City, without breaking the bank. (We have tested their stuff doing ALL of these activities.) Check out their wide selection of headphones at

11.) TYLT

I promise you this is one brand you will fall in love with this year. TYLT has a whole line of products, from the world’s most durable and practical backpacks to chargers and Bluetooth speakers, that cover basically every situation I can come up with. For example, the TYLT Energi Pro Backpack is portable charging station on your back that has enough juice to charge your laptop, phone, and anything else you throw at it, complete with a sleek laptop compartment that easily opens for TSA. The design can be fully loaded and worn for 12 hours in a day without hurting your back with enough smart compartments to hold all the clothes you need for a weeklong trip to Paris or a day trip to the beach. Finally, it is strong enough to travel on over 150 flights all around the country and still look brand new. All of these features were tried and tested by yours truly, and not once was I disappointed. I will live and die by this thing. Truly the greatest backpack ever! New for 2018 are a whole bunch of awesome chargers, speakers, and accessories that make this backpack the most complete “lifestyle continuer” I have ever owned. See everything at

12.) Shiftcam

Camera phones keep improving, but there is only so much you can do with digital zoom and filters. Shiftcam is a case that allows you to take professional grade photos with your existing iPhone camera.  Shiftcam allows you to get the most out of the dual lenses on your iPhone by adding 6 lenses that can quickly switch between telephoto, wide-angle, fisheye and macro, depending on what you are trying to capture.  The photos the added lenses produce are incredible! I love that with a quick sliding motion on the case, I can swap between 6 different lenses and views in real-time.  Added Benefit:  The case is super rugged and will have no problem protecting your phone from the bumps and drops of daily life! Upgrade your phone photos by checking out

13.) BuddyPhones

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Over the last few years, my family has spent a lot of time in planes and in cars and the kids love their devices. While having them entertained is great, I can only hear a combination of Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” mixed with Minecraft audio on repeat for so long before I go insane. We have tried various types of headphones and found that they either don’t fit comfortably on the kid’s heads, the cables get all knotted up, or they flat-out break after a few drops. BuddyPhones solved ALL of our problems.

  1. BuddyPhones fit perfectly on my kid’s heads and are super comfortable for them to wear while sleeping in the car or in the middle seat of a cross-country flight.
  2. They can be used via Bluetooth or removable input cord.  They are super simple to connect (and actually keep connected) via Bluetooth that my 6-year-old was able to set them up without any instruction.
  3. Being able to protect my kids hearing is always a concern of mine. BuddyPhones have settings that allow parents to control the maximum volume level at which their kids can listen. Genius!
  4. Finally, a pair of kids headphones that don’t break after the third use! These are some of the most durable headphones I have ever tried with my kids!

As a parent, these headphones will change your life! Make sure you check them out at

14.) US Postal Service – Informed Delivery

I’m sure you are as surprised to see the US Postal Service on this list as I am to be writing it. Hear me out though.  They have actually come up with a really cool and convenient new product called Informed Delivery.  Every morning, I get an email from the post office with a scan of the mail that will be arriving that day. Waiting for a paycheck or important document? As one who often finds myself “chasing down” stuff in the mail, this has proven to be an incredibly efficient and helpful tool. An additional benefit: Notice something missing when you get your mail in the afternoon from what was on the scan that morning? Well, now you know someone has been going through your mail!

To find out how you can sign up for this service head on over to

15.) Caveasy

The French are helping to bring technology and culture together, one bottle of wine at a time. Now, having spent most of my life in the great state of Utah, my pallet for/exposure to wine is very limited. For the most part, I drink anything that is presented to me as an option at a restaurant, and if I like it, I sometimes remember to pick up a bottle at the State Liquor Store later. Little by little, I have been trying to find new things that I like and branch out a bit more. Caveasy is a wine shelf for your home or restaurant that learns what wines you have, what wines you drink/like, and helps make recommendations and educate you on other wines that you might enjoy.  Its essentially your own wine connoisseur, right in your house. The rack connects to a sleek app on your phone, making those trips to the State Liquor Store a bit more knowledgeable and productive.  The beauty of this product is that it has the ability to take a guy like me and turn him into a refined, classy wine drinker to be admired by family and friends!

To learn more or how to order Caveasy today visit

16.) Energizer SOS Power Card

We have all been there.  At a concert, on our way home from work, or stuck in the mountains trying to escape from a hungry grizzly bear with a dead phone battery.  Energizer SOS Power has created the perfect small, quick fix – the Energizer SOS Power Card.  The SOS Power Card is the size of a credit card and fits easily into any wallet. While small in size, it is powerful enough to get you out of any power-deprived situation.  The SOS Power card packs enough juice to run your iPhone for up to 3 hours and the card itself can sit in your wallet for up to 10 years!If you’d like to learn more about the Energizer SOS Power Card visit

17.) Volo  Cordless Hairdryer

Under the sink at my house is a wad of corded hairdryers, straighteners, curlers, and every other necessary hair device one could ever need. When we travel, this wad comes with us and usually takes up an entire bag of it’s own.  Volo wants to solve this problem.  Volo is a revolutionary wireless hairdryer that uses radiant heat rather than convective heat.  This allows it to be much more energy efficient as well as wireless and portable. Blow drying your hair with a normal blow dryer is super hard on it and constantly damages it.  The technology in Volo is proven to prevent damage and help keep your hair healthy, hydrated, and awesome! Bonus: Volo dries hair significantly faster than a normal hairdryer!

To get your cordless hair dryer head on over to their website at

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here. Let these gadgets simplify and enhance your life, but don’t forget to unplug from time to time. 🙂

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