19 Free Date Ideas

Let’s keep things fresh with some date ideas!

Date ideas can be rough to come up with, but sometimes it’s the simplest things we overlook, so if you’re looking for some date ideas that won’t cost you (much) money? We’ll help you out! Ready to explore the best easy hikes near Salt Lake City? Check out this comprehensive guide on Mix 105.1.

That being said, if you end up on the 2nd Date Update…don’t blame us!

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1. Take her for a Picnic. Romantic.

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2. Go for a bike Ride. Great fun and great exercise.

3. Hike the mountains. It’s Utah, there are trails everywhere! Use the AllTrails app if you need help.

4. Take the dog for a walk. Dog parks are a great first date.

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5. Take her to the park and go on the swings. Make her feel like a kid again.

6. Take her to where you lived as a child.

7. Play board games (make sure you win though ;-).

8. Teach her a new skill, such as how to play the guitar.

9. Go to a bar that does Karaoke and sing your hearts out.

10. Watching the sunrise or sunset at the top of a hill.

11. Go for a walk in the park.

12. Visit a big shop (e.g. Ikea/Home Depot) and play with the displays and products.

13. Paint something together.

14. Climb a mountain (on foot).

15. Go feed the ducks at the park.

16. Go for a walk on the beach.

17. Go swimming together in a lake.


18. Visit a historical place.

19. Go to a bookstore. If you’re daring, grab a poetry book and read some poetry! Do you remember that scene from Pretty Woman?

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