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20 Surprising Facts about “Jurassic Park” for the Final Jurassic Movie

Jurassic World: Dominion” hits theaters today.  It takes place four years after the island was destroyed and  the rescued dinosaurs took over the world.  The final movie in the “Jurassic World” trilogy features the return of Chris PrattBryce Dallas HowardLaura DernJeff Goldblum, and Sam Neill.

To celebrate the release of the sixth and final movie, let’s take it back to the 1993 movie that started it all . . . “Jurassic Park”.  Mental Floss put together a list of 20 facts that might surprise you.  Here are 10:



1.  Steven Spielberg got Universal to buy the film rights before the book was even published.  He found out about the book when he was working with author Michael Crichton on a screenplay for the “E.R.” TV series.


2.  The most powerful hurricane to ever hit Hawaii, hit the set during production.  Richard Attenborough allegedly slept through it all because he said it was nothing compared to the London Blitz during World War 2.


3.  The T-Rex’s roar was made of tiger, alligator, and baby elephant sounds.


4.  The Dilophosaurus’ roar was created from howler monkeys, hawk screeches, rattlesnake hisses, and swan calls.


5.  Only one robotic dinosaur was used on the Hawaii set . . . the sickly Triceratops.


6.  Other actors up for the roles were Harrison Ford as Alan Grant, Christina Ricci as Lex, and Sean Connery as John Hammond.


7.  The King Kong Encounter ride at Universal Studios Hollywood inspired Spielberg’s original plan for bringing the dinosaurs to life.


8.  Jeff Goldblum would speed-read his lines OUT LOUD.


9.  Spielberg had paleontologists serve as consultants on the film.  But he didn’t always take their advice . . . like when it came to the T-Rex’s teeth, which in real-life would be banana-shaped.


10.  The idea for the rippling water and rattling mirror in the tour vehicle from the T-Rex was inspired by Spielberg listening to Earth, Wind & Fire with the bass turned up in his car.

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