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3 Drives You Have to Do This Summer in Utah

We had Cars 4 Kids in studio earlier this week. Cars 4 Kids is a charitable toy drive geared towards European, luxury and exotic car enthusiasts. Participants drive through Utah while raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. While in studio we asked, “what are some of the best unknown routes that we should drive”? Here’s what they cam up with!

1- HWY 12


From TripAdvisorSouthern Utah is so inherently beautiful that it’s hard to pick a favorite spot. But Utah highway 12 is a must-see. Highway 24 from I-70 to Torrey is a gem in itself, but it only gets better as you turn onto 12. The southbound route takes you first over a 9000 foot pass toward Boulder with excellent views to the northeast toward Canyonlands and great stands of birch and Aspen. This is followed by the intense Hogback section, famed in its own right. If you have the luxury of a traveling companion.take turns driving the Hogback twice so you don’t miss a thing. It’s a shprrt section so it won;t add a lot of time. As you near Bryce, the landscape becomes less granite and more sandstone, wind sculpted as a foretaste of the crazy topography of Bryce itself. We did it in a 25′ Winnebago class C so don’t skip it just because you are driving an RV. I wouldn’t do it in any much 30 feet, but if you’re comfortable with your Class A or fifth-wheel, go for it. I saw several of them on the route.



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From CanyonChasersGloriously tacky traction properties offer loads of confidence and predictably engineered corners make for highly entertaining riding. Dipping elevation changes add to the fun factor. Wolfcreek will lull you into traveling at a brisk pace, however a few corners are far tighter than they look. Watch out for “sportsmen” who will pull out and pull off without warning, tend to drive slowly and pay little attention to that “bothersome” double-yellow line. Watch out for sheep drives during spring and autumn months. Local Sheriff’s occasionally drive this route in a white or silver SUV



Nature knows what’s up 🤘🏼🌲

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From StateParksUtah: Tucked away in the mountains of northeastern Utah, East Canyon Reservoir is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and camping, but also holds a bit of history. Explore the nearby Mormon Pioneer Trail, the route taken by Mormons traveling more than 1,300 miles from Illinois to Utah.

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