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Five Father-Daughter Movies for Father’s Day

There are lots of father-son movies you could watch for Father’s Day.  But father-daughter movies aren’t as common.  So posted a list of 10 you might want to check out.

Here are five you’ll probably recognize . . .

1.  “Interstellar” from 2014.

Yes, it’s a movie about time-bending space travel.  But it’s also got a big father-daughter element to it.

2.  “Father of the Bride” from 1991.

Steve Martin plays the dad . . . Kimberly Williams is the daughter . . . and Martin Short is arguably the best part.

3.  “The Kids Are All Right” from 2010.

Kind of a weird choice, because it’s also a movie about moms . . . specifically, LESBIAN moms.  Mark Ruffalo plays a donor dad who finally gets to meet his kids as teenagers.

4.  “Little Miss Sunshine” from 2006.

Greg Kinnear is the dad.  A young Abigail Breslin plays his daughter.  And Steve Carell is the uncle.

5.  “The Descendants” from 2011.

George Clooney plays a dad trying to reconnect with his two daughters.

The rest of their list includes HannaThe Ballad of Jack and Rose, and Leave No Trace.

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