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Choose the News | December 17th

A Middle-Aged Man Pledged a Fraternity . . . Then Went to the Cops When They Paddled Him

There’s a 45-year-old guy named Tory Gates from Brooklyn.  And he recently decided to PLEDGE the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what college they’re from . Or why they agreed to let in a middle-aged man.

But what we DO know is that pledging didn’t go how Tory was expecting. Earlier this month, he says the fraternity blindfolded him and PADDLED him 200 times in a hazing ritual.

He had so many bruises that he went to the hospital . . . and called the cops on the fraternity.

The police say they’re investigating.



Inmate Sends Escape Plans To Wrong Address

BuzzFeed claims Sean Castorina’s plan to escape from a Graham, North Carolina jail was ruined after he sent a letter, containing instructions for his escape, to the wrong address. Two of Sean’s friends were meant to receive the letter. It detailed how to make a bomb and where to place it in order to blow a hole in a prison wall. The person, who received the letter turned it into the police. Sean and his friends were planning to leave the country after his escape. Sean’s friends were arrested before they could plant the bomb.



Are Hot Dogs Actually Tacos?

There’s been an eternal debate on the Internet over whether hot dogs are sandwiches.  And a few days back, the “Washington Post” decided to pour gasoline on that debate by adding a new option.

They say a HOT DOG is actually a TACO.

Think about it.  When you break it down to the absolute core, a sandwich is two pieces of any starch with any filling in between.  So a hot dog shouldn’t really qualify because it’s a filling between just one, folded starch.

But that SHOULD make a hot dog a taco, since it fits that definition better:  Filling inside of a folded starch.



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