5 Seconds Of Summer’s Michael Clifford Accuser Retracts Sexual Assault Claims

5 Seconds Of Summer band member Micheal Clifford’s accuser has come out to clear his name.

The 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist was accused of sexual assault of a fan, who at the time was reportedly 14-years-old. “Sophie H” took to Twitter to retract her accusation writing, “For YEARS and YEARS, I was convinced this person was Michael Clifford from 5SOS, I couldn’t even listen to their music without feeling sick to my stomach. And with everything that’s been said about him lately, I thought it was time to expose the one who made me hate music and concerts and crowded places, today, I found out I’ve been wrong for almost seven years. Today I found out that my offender is dead. My offender is NOT MICHAEL CLIFFORD.”

When Clifford initially heard that he was being accused of sexual assault he released a statement saying, “Holy [expletive]. I am heartbroken to read these things that are being said — they are just BEYOND untrue. I was never allowed in the crowd I only ever watched at front of house — and I would’ve never EVER done that. I would NEVER do anything like that. I’m so [expletive] upset,” he followed up with a video showing the chaos after a 5SOS performance.

“This is what life was like in 2013 — please understand it would’ve been logistically impossible for me to get through a crowd at a show I just played at! I’m not trying to be defensive I promise this is just so completely false,” Clifford captioned the video.

Should there be consequences for people who make severe accusations, such as sexual assault, that end up being untrue?

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