5 Ways to Stick to your 2018 Goals!

It’s 2018! With that being said, everyone makes goals for the new year. So I put together a list of things I do that help me stick to my goals!


5. Speak that stuff into existence!

Make your goals known. People who care about you and your goals will hold you accountable.


4. Write them down!

Write your goals down. Make sure it’s in a visible spot. Every morning ask yourself “How am I going to make a step towards my goal?” When you get home, ask yourself “How did I accomplish my goal?”. Do the same thing the next day.


3. Don’t Quit!

You’re going to get busy and you’re going to get tired. Stick to that goal of yours. If you quit you’re going to be in the same position as you were last year.


2. Believe in yourself!

People will doubt you. Don’t think about it. If you want to crush your goals, you have to believe in yourself FIRST.


1. Use that negative energy!

This is the most important if you ask me. You have to use any type of negative energy to drive you. You’ll be amazed at what you can do.


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