A Girl Wanted to Take a Selfie with Me on Our First Date

First dates are always a little awkward, but this doesn’t help.

I went on a first date last night with a girl I met recently . . . we met at a bar and had some drinks.

She’s cute, and we did our best to hit it off, but it was kind of awkward . . . there was no way to shake that ‘awkward first date’ vibe.

And then . . . halfway through the date . . . she whipped out her phone and tried to take a selfie with me.

I don’t know if she was trying to break the ice, or make things less awkward, or what . . . but it just made things worse. We eventually finished our drinks and the date kind of fizzled.

Is it weird to take a selfie with someone on a first date?

Matt, 24

What do you think, are selfies on a first date a good way to break the ice, or a good way to ruin the date?

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