A Guy Hacked an Airline’s Website and Found His Lost Luggage Himself

Has an airline ever lost your bag, and been less-than-helpful about finding it?  That’s what happened to this guy, who took matters into his own hands . . .

Nandan Kumar is a software engineer in India, and flew on an airline called IndiGo last Sunday.  They didn’t actually lose his luggage.  Someone else with the same bag grabbed it by mistake.  But he claims the airline wasn’t very helpful about it.

He reached out to customer service, but they still hadn’t found the bag a day later.  So he decided to HACK INTO THEIR WEBSITE and find it himself.

All he wanted was the other passenger’s phone number, so he could call them up and coordinate a swap.  The airline wouldn’t give him that info though, for privacy reasons.

So he dove into their website’s code, and used a number on the bag tag to find their contact info.  They only lived four miles from him, so they met up to exchange luggage.

He went on Twitter the same day and tweeted at the airline to explain how he did it.  He said he wanted them to know there were some major holes in their website security.

They responded and downplayed the whole thing.  They claimed their site was never really compromised.  And the only reason they hadn’t found his bag was he labelled his inquiry as a “flight info” concern instead of a “mishandled baggage” issue.

They did thank him for his feedback though, and said they’re currently reviewing it.

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