‘A Quiet Place’ is Stressing Out Hungry Movie Goers

Is there a mute button on these people eating popcorn? 


ICYMI: The premise of A Quiet Place centers around a family surviving in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by sound-detecting monster. 

Make a sound, and YOU DIE!


As you would imagine, this is a quasi-silent film.

Which is why so many people are struggling to enjoy their typical theatre snacks. Popcorn, nachos, hard candy, even slurping up the last bits of your soda can all be incredibly noisy. As Americans, we should be able to sit in dark room and stuff our faces for two hours without judgment from others. 

Which is why Twitter is blowing up with people VERY upset about not being able to eat during the movie.

1) A delicate situation


2) The alternate title


3) The hate is real

4) Hold your breath

5) R.I.P


6) What do you call eating snacks in A Quiet Place? NACHO kind of movie

7) And a saucy response

8) Make sure to eat before


9) Never trust a burp


10) This epic fail

Despite this slight set back, the reviews for the movie have been incredible. It pulled in $50 Million over the weekend and a sequel is officially in the works. 

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