A YouTuber’s Epic Prank Shut Down Scam Call Centers in India

This might be the most epically righteous prank of all time:  Mark Rober is a popular YouTuber.  His big videos include an obstacle course for squirrels, and a few where he’s left glitter bomb packages for porch pirates.


But for his newest video, he decided to pull some mean-but-harmless pranks on a group that truly deserves it . . . SCAMMERS.  He and his team worked with an ex-scammer and got him hired by a call center in India so he could plant prank devices in their offices.  It took 18 months to plan and went VERY well.  Here’s what they did . . .


They planted a water bottle filled with military-grade FART SPRAY in the office . . . left special soap in the bathroom to dye people’s hands blue . . . and left a box of Viagra in there as well, with the boss’s name printed on it.


They also smuggled a “micro-fogger” into the office to fill it with smoke . . . and a lunch box full of COCKROACHES rigged so they’d run out and scatter all at once.


All of the pranks happened back-to-back on the same day.  And Mark’s team hacked into the company’s security cameras, so they could get it all on video.


It may have actually done some good:  All the scam centers in India heard about it and got paranoid more pranks were coming.  So they SHUT DOWN for several days.  Based on revenue, Mark says it stopped them from stealing $2 MILLION from people.


He and his friends also did stuff from afar, like hacking a social network with 57,000 scammers, downloading their contact info, and giving it to the FBI.  He says he’s on a mission to shut down ALL the scam call centers out there.

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