Airlines To Waive Change Fee’s Due To Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is scheduled to make landfall this Thursday night.

Because of this, Airlines are waiving change fees for those who could be potentially affected by this. 


American Airlines is offering a re-booking window between Sept 10-19 as well as waiving fees for flights booked after Sept 19th, though some customers may have to pay a recalculated fee.

Jetblue is covering dates between September 13th-15th and will be re-booking flights with dates of September 10th-20th. Flights booked beyond September 20th are eligible for waived fees and like American Airlines, some flyers might have to pay a recalculated fee. 

Southwest Airlines will cover flights with the dates of September 12th-16th and flights can be re-booked within 14 days of the original flight date. 

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