Are These the 25 Most Overrated Bands of All Time?

Are there any bands you can’t stand because you find them overrated?  Well, the website has compiled a list of the 25 most overrated bands of all time . . . maybe you’ll find some of your least favorites on it.

Here are the Top 10:

1.  Guns N’ Roses . . . “In terms of technical skill, Slash isn’t the best guitarist . . . they’re not an awful band, but to say they changed the hard rock game is a bit of a stretch.”

2.  Motley Crue . . . “[They] had a few good songs.  The rest were nothing but fillers.  They fall under the ‘bands that are okay’ category, so it’d be great if fans don’t act like [they’re] the most outstanding rock act to emerge from the ’80s.”


3.  The Doors . . . “The worst thing about [JimMorrison is his vocals put forth the image of a smarmy lounge singer.  I can’t help but imagine that he would be doing a lounge act in Vegas if he were alive today.”


4.  KISS . . . “Gene Simmons will do anything for easy money.  It doesn’t matter if it’s selling coffins or delivering mediocre records on your front door.  Being a sellout is the surefire way to be hated.  However, KISS embraced it fully.”


5.  U2 . . . “They had some solid tunes, but they also had mediocre tracks which received major air plays.”


6.  Genesis . . . “There are enjoyable tracks post-[PeterGabriel, and perhaps they wouldn’t be on this list if fans stopped hailing them as the best thing since sliced bread.”


7.  Oasis . . . “They had good tracks, but are just so full of themselves.  They had big claims, but nothing to back those up.”


8.  Bon Jovi . . . “Bon Jovi songs all sound the same.  There, I said it.  They are too commercialized.”


9.  Green Day . . . “Billie Joe Armstrong’s voice, the punk equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.  And the fake accent?  It seems like everything they try to write is supposed to be some kind of statement.”


10.  Metallica . . . “To treat them like they’re the best thing metal has to offer is just ridiculous.  They’re not bad or untalented, they’re simply overhyped.  Both radio stations and other media can be blamed for playing average songs too much.”

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