Beekeeper Generates BUZZ After Removing Giant Hive From Behind Brick Wall

The Giant Hive is Estimated to have been Behind the Wall for Two Years

A beekeeper has the viral buzz after extracting a giant honeycomb from a Tennessee home last week.

David Glover, known as the Bartlett Bee Whisperer, went on a call to the home about a week ago. “I go and get bees from places where people don’t want them and relocate them”, he said in a TV news interview. “To get them out of the house we had to remove the bricks.”

Glover said he had a clue about the honeycomb when he removed the first brick. One by one he removed all the bricks and found the biggest single honeycomb he’s seen in his career.

“Holy crap! It’s like, this thing’s huge! I don’t see solid pieces of comb that large. I see smaller pieces glued together. Evenutally when you take the support off the wax, the wax will fall. And it wasn’t falling!”, Glover said.

Glover estimated the hive had been there for about two years. He starting taking photos and posting them on social media. The next day he said his kids were coming to him about his posts. “Saturday morning my kids are going, ‘Dad do you know what you’re doing? You’re going viral!”, he said.

Glover said his mission is to save bees like the one’s he found behind the brick wall. He ended up moving them to a colony in his backyard and hopes they will integrate with the colony already there and make honey by next year.

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