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How to be Caller 10

We found an old Wikihow article article about how to be caller 10. It’s a bit outdated, but still surprisingly accurate. Here is some of the information with a few station-specific updates. 

1) Don’t call too late or too early.
The radio station starts accepting calls after the contest has been solicited and the new song or commercials have started. Therefore wait until they say they are going to play the music or news so that you have a chance for your phone to ring. Truth!

2) Learn the “delay” of your phone.
If you use a cell phone, it usually takes about 5 seconds or so for the call to start, so call about 5 seconds ahead. Truth!

3) Enter the phone number of the radio station in your speed dial.
This will prevent you from making mistakes in the number. This is a little bit old, but it brings up another good idea: Program the number in your phone. 844-mix-1051  (844-649-1051). Don’t forget about our text line! We do a lot of text-based contests (plus, we like it when you text us about your life) 615-44


4) Our phones are silent, please stay patient.
Remember that the phones inside the studios don’t ring out loud and they just have a little flashing light. Don’t give up when no one answers in 20 rings. Hang in there. They may be getting to you. True! Our phones make no noise. Just try to be patient. And if you get a busy signal, it just means that all of the lines are tied up. We only have 3 lines in our studio and we cycle through them to get to caller 10. Call back! Speaking of calling back…


5) Don’t give up if you’re an early caller.
If you’re caller number 4, 7, 9 in the giveaway you shouldn’t give up. Even if you’re caller 9 and they’re looking for the 10th caller. DJ’s often get distracted and don’t answer the phone lines in order they start ringing, as quickly as they should or sometimes the other callers will hang up, just keep trying until the winner is announced or they answer and say they’ve got a winner. It’s sometimes impossible to tell which call came in first, so we usually just run down the line. Unless you’re the specified caller, CALL BACK!



6) Check the site.
Radio stations usually do their giveaways at the same time each hour. They may not do it 24 hours a day, but if you hear it around 2:30 chances are the bottom of the hour is prize time. Yes, we set appointments. We here at Mix 105.1 want you to know when we’re giving things away! If you’re unsure, appointment times are on our website.


6.2) Seriously, CHECK THE SITE.
More radio stations are also doing web based giveaways of the same things given away on air. Check the station’s website and register to be a VIP, registered user, etc. Don’t forget to opt in. You aren’t restricted to winning on the air. Sometimes they’ll even tease the website users with the exact time of a certain contest or give you chances to win online. True! We do online ONLY promotions all the time! Keep tabs on our contests by visiting our contests page or following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or our text club.


7) Keep it local.
Make sure you’re playing up to the local DJ’s and not the ones pre-recording their show from another state. If the DJ does live broadcast in your town they’re probably local. If you hear them but never see them out, don’t bother. Sad, but true! A lot of the stations here in Utah are owned by gigantic national corporations… But not us! Mix 105.1 hosts (and, more importantly, winners) are 100% live and local! 



8) You can win again.
Don’t just call every time you hear a contest. Most stations have limits to how many times you can win in a 30 day period. Don’t call to win the movie tickets if you know Katy Perry tickets are going on sale soon! Not true! We love our regulars, so we put a value limit on our prizes. You can win more than once within 30 days, as long as the combined value is under $500!

9) Get Excited!
Most importantly… BE NICE! All of our hosts are passionate about what they do and love giving things away. A caller who is excited, grateful, and upbeat makes an on-air call SO much better!

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