Check Out a Deleted Scene of the Joker from “The Batman”

The Joker appears briefly in “The Batman”, and only at the very end.  But he was originally supposed to have a slightly bigger part.  They even shot a scene with him that wasn’t in the movie.


Well, director Matt Reeves released the scene yesterday . . . and it’s kind of a “Silence of the Lambs” rip-off.


Batman visits the Joker in Arkham Asylum to seek his help in learning the identity of the Riddler.


You never get a complete look at the Joker.  But he has the white face, red mouth, and green hair . . . although a lot of that hair is missing, and his face and head are scarred.  He might be the most horrific looking onscreen Joker yet.


He also talks about it almost being their “anniversary”, suggesting that he’s probably behind bars thanks to a previous run-in with Batman.


The Joker is played by BARRY KEOGHAN, whom you may remember from “Dunkirk” or Marvel’s “Eternals”.

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