Chicago: The New York of the Midwest

The latest episode of my travel podcast, “Our Savings Starts Tomorrow” is out!

Chicago…the Windy City. “Chi-town”. Home of “Ferris Bueler’s Day Off”, the Chicago dog and deep-dish pizza. Also, the greatest St. Patrick’s Day festival in America!

For listeners who love pop culture, there are so many places to visit! If you remember the famous SNL “Cheeseburger” skit, then you have to visit the “Billy Goat Tavern”. The “Married with Children” fountain, also known as the Buckingham Fountain, is a great photo op. Or channel your inner-Ferris and go to the Art Institute of Chicago.

For listeners who love food, deep-dish pizza is a must? Pizzeria Uno is the first of the deep-dish pizzerias, or so we’ve been told. Gino’s East is another famous spot as is Lou Malnati’s. If you want a Chicago dog, heads straight to Portillos.


You can take a pic at “The Bean”, which is actually named “The Cloud Gate”! It’s at the entrance of Millennium Park, which is like the Central Park of Chicago.


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