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A Car Thief Leaves His Incredible Hulk Hands Behind on a Steering Wheel

If you’re picking gloves to wear to hide your fingerprints during a robbery, wouldn’t you want the MOST flexible gloves, not the least flexible ones?

A 33-year-old guy named Ariel Contreras broke into a car in Pasco, Washington around 1:30 A.M. on Monday.  Someone spotted him and confronted him, so he ran, but he left something behind.

Apparently he was wearing big, fake, green Incredible Hulk hands during the robbery, and he left them attached to the steering wheel.

And yes, the person who owned the car confirmed that the Hulk hands were NOT there before the robbery, so Ariel definitely left them in there.

Anyway, the cops tracked him down a few blocks away and he was arrested for vehicle prowling and possession of stolen property.

The Tamagotchi Virtual Pets Are Making a Comeback

Here’s more proof that EVERYTHING from the ’90s that has any shred of nostalgic appeal is going to be resurrected.

Remember the Tamagotchi virtual pets?  You might’ve had one as a kid . . . and, you know, you almost certainly let it die through your laziness.  Well now, a whole NEW generation of kids is going to get to kill their virtual animals.

The company that made Tamagotchis is Bandai Namco, and they’ve brought them back.  They’ll hit stores all over the country on the 5th of next month.

The design will be a little different . . . the little egg-shaped devices are about 20% smaller than the ’90s versions, and there are fewer buttons which makes it easier to take care of your virtual pet.  Kids today, man.  They have it so easy.

If you want one, they’ll cost $14.99.

HBOWestworld casting call for guys with great beards in Los Angeles, California

Central Casting Los Angeles is looking for guys with great beards and mustaches to appear in the new HBO series Westworld, which is filming in Los Angeles, California. Casting directors are looking for talent that appear “to be age 30-40 and have a full mustache or great beard”.

To apply you must be registered with Central Casting. To register

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