Choose The News 11/16/18

Jello Makes Edible Slime

CBS claims Jello is now making edible slime. The $10 strawberry-flavored Unicorn Slime and the lime-flavored Monster Slime are both safe to eat and play with. Jello is currently taking pre-orders on



A Guy Disguised Himself as a Very Convincing Woman to Buy a Puppy with a Stolen Credit Card

This guy may not have a future as a criminal, but he DEFINITELY has a future in the DRAG QUEEN business.

There’s a 29-year-old guy named Bryant Farfan in Largo, Florida.  And last month, he dressed as a woman so he could use a stolen credit card to buy a $4,000 French bulldog puppy from a pet store.

And it worked, because he made for a VERY convincing lady.

You’d never know it from his regular picture, because he doesn’t have especially feminine features . . . but once he slapped on a black wig and some makeup, he looked kind of like an uglier Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Anyway, the cops just located him yesterday and arrested him.  The puppy hasn’t been found yet, but the police say they’re following some leads and they believe it’s okay.


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