Choose The News 11/20/18

The Hot New Trend Is Decorating Your Beard with Tiny Christmas Lights

Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater isn’t a good enough way to get hipster attention anymore . . . everyone does it.  Which is why people are stepping up their game like THIS.

The hot trend for holiday parties this year is putting tiny Christmas lights in your beard.  Yeah, they’re kind of like last year when guys were putting tiny ornaments in their beards . . . only, you know, these light up.

It looks like they’re a little tricky to find for sale online right now, but you should definitely be able to track some down on Etsy or


The Little Drummer Boy Challenge

There’s a viral challenge where you have to avoid hearing “The Little Drummer Boy” in the month leading up to Christmas.  Meaning movies, TV shows, radio stations, and places that might play it.  Anyone can call you out when it comes on, and there are a bunch of other rules too.  The challenge starts this Friday, and you have to make it until Christmas Eve.


Naked Home Invader Sends Fruit Basket Apology 

ABC News claims Desmond Drakes, of Tempe, Arizona, recently sent a fruit basket to his neighbors after he was arrested for breaking into their home while nude. Drakes was hit with a restraining order after a violent altercation resulted in damage to his neighbor’s house. He later told police that the fruit basket was his attempt at an apology.

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