Choose The News 11/28/18

Starbucks Has a New Holiday Drink That Tastes Like a Christmas Tree

Why just put up a Christmas tree this year when you could DRINK one?

Starbucks just rolled out its newest holiday beverage, the Juniper Latte.  Junipers are small pine trees, and the latte TASTES like one . . . they say it, quote, “features a hint of juniper and sage, an evergreen aroma, and citrus notes.”

So if you want to know what a Christmas tree tastes like, these lattes are on sale now at Starbucks stores across the country and in Canada.


Drunk Attempts To Pay For McDonald’s With Sock

The Johnston Press claims Shamsher Butt, of Peterborough, England, recently lost his license for 18 months after he was caught driving under the influence. Butt was supposed to take his wife to the hospital for an induced birth, but instead went out partying with friends and ended up drunk in a McDonald’s drive-thru. He asked for a staff discount before attempting to pay for his food with a crumpled-up potato chip bag. When staffers refused to accept the bag, Butt took off his sock and offered that as payment. McDonald’s staffers called the police after Butt hit a curb while trying to park.


Hang Glider Left Dangling

Mashable claims Chris Gursky was recently hang gliding in Switzerland when he realized his pilot forgot to hook him into his safety harness. Chris dangled for two minutes as he hung on for his life. He broke his wrist and suffered severe bruising during the rough landing.


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