Chrissy’s Court Is In Session – On Twitter

Yesterday, Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to settle your petty disputes.

Yes, Judge Chrissy is here to settle all of your petty disputes. She went on Twitter to give her “professional” ruling. Some of the disputes people had Chrissy rule over were pretty hilarious. Check them out. 


Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?


Public Factimers


Trashcan placements


Clearing The Microwave Timer


Photoshopping Someone Out Of Your Wedding Photo


How To Properly Eat A Pringle Chip


How To Store Butter


What Day Is The First Day Of The Week?


How To Properly Eat String Cheese


Getting Blocked… By Chrissy’s Mom.


Proper Movie Watching Etiquette


Did Carole Do It?!


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