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Clean Guy | The Mix Morning Fix Podcast With Extras 11-13-2017

Jon wants to be the “clean guy” for once, Justin has breaking Little Debbie news, and Jackson loves the gossip.

All this, plus an all-new 7:30 Second Date Update.

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Show Extras

P!nk’s So What video
Today during name the year, we talked about P!nk’s So What music video. Check it out below because it’s still incredible.


Little Debbie Gotta Go
Over the weekend, Little Debbie Snack cakes asked the impossible: pick which one of these four snacks would you get rid of. Though Little Debbie has confirmed that there is no danger of losing one of their snack cakes, it’s still fun to play along.


Shocking Confessions
In a new segment we’re calling Jackson’s Gossip Corner, we asked our listeners to send anonymous confessions to us. And they got SAUCY! We’ve posted a few below, but click here for many more.

















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