Courtney Love Says Olivia Rodrigo Stole from Her, and She Wants Flowers

OLIVIA RODRIGO is streaming a prom-themed concert tomorrow night, and she released a promo image of herself in a prom dress, with a tiara on her head, holding flowers, and her mascara running.


Well, COURTNEY LOVE pointed out on Instagram that the image is VERY similar to the cover of the classic HOLE album Live Through This.


Olivia responded in the comments, saying, quote, “love u and live through this sooooo much.”


Courtney replied, quote, “Olivia, you’re welcome.  My favorite florist is in Notting Hill, London!  Dm me for deets!  I look forward to reading your note!”


During a discussion with her followers on Facebook, Courtney called it “rude” that Olivia would recreate the image without her permission, adding, quote, “manners is manners.”


She added, quote, “I’ve informed [Rodrigo] I await her flowers and note.  I sure hope it’s long.  Does Disney teach kids reading and writing?  God knows.  Let’s see.  Yes this is rude.  Rage inducing?  Honey if I had a dollar for every [time] this happens?  I’d be real rich!”


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