Demi Lovato Announces New Album ‘Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over’

Demi Lovato announced during a Clubhouse session that her new album, “Dancing With The Devil: The Art of Starting Over” would be released on April 2nd.

Demi explained the tracklisting of the album will coincide with her documentary, “Dancing With The Devil” hence the double title.  Lovato says the album will mash-up sounds of Country, R&B, and 90s Pop and will consist of 19 tracks and three bonus songs, including one with Ariana Grande.


Demi’s documentary will premiere at the all-virtual SXSW this week and be released via YouTube on March 23rd.  “I’ve had so much to say over the past two years wanting to set the record straight about what it was that happened,” Lovato says in the trailer. “I’ve had a lot of lives. Like my cat, you know? I’m on my ninth life.”

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