Demi Lovato Says She’s Been “Canceled So Many Times” She Can’t Even Count

Demi Lovato was a guest on Jameela Jamil’s “I Weigh” podcast where she discussed “cancel culture.”

“I’ve been canceled so many times, I can’t even count … the hashtag #DemiIsOverParty, that whole thing,” said Lovato who called the movement, “not real,” and saying certain celebrities wouldn’t have Grammys or Oscars if “cancel culture” was a thing that affected people.

Jamil suggested there should be a “forgiveness culture” to which Demi agreed saying, “I think if it’s somebody who refuses to learn, just has the entitlement of I can never do any wrong and I can get away with this, then yeah … go ahead and cancel them.”

Selena Gomez fans “canceled” Demi last week after she allegedly made comments regarding Gomez’s private Instagram account. Even Demi’s appearance on Jamil’s podcast was subject to “cancel culture” due to Taylor Swift fans who are upset with Lovato’s manager, Scooter Braun, who’s in a feud with Taylor over her music.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Do you think “cancel culture” should be canceled?

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