Did Mel B Reveal Which Spice Girl Hooked Up With Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Admitted To Hooking Up With A Spice Girl In Recent Interview

During a recent appearance on Ellen, and alongside his ‘NSYNC bandmates, Justin Timberlake admitted that he has hooked up with a Spice Girl back in the ’90s. Ellen was playing the game “Never Have I Ever” when she asked the question to the group: I have never hooked up with a Spice Girl. JT showed the paddle that “I Have”, which then set the internet on fire wondering which Spice Girl he got down with.

Now Mel B is getting the heat as she may have just revealed which Spice Girl was lucky enough to hook up with Timberlake. Mel B was asked today which Spice Girl may have been the “one” and her answer has many speculating that it’s her!

While appearing on the ITV show Loose Women, Mel B was holding up paddles with each of the Spice Girls images on them. Panelist Ruth Langsford didn’t waste any time and came right out with it and asked “which Spice Girl snogged Justin Timberlake?”

Mel sighed before grabbing all five paddles and holding up each member of the girl group. She was clearly frazzled by the question and based on her reaction many think she is the “it” girl!

Maybe …just maybe…JT got down with all of them? I mean, “if you wanna be my lover…you gotta get with my friends”…amiright?!?

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