Did You Know Some of the Sounds in Nature Documentaries Are Fake?

A lot of the sounds you hear in nature documentaries don’t actually come from nature.  They come from a guy in a room making noises with random stuff.


It can be hard to capture natural sounds for various reasons.  Sometimes the camera is too far from the action.  Sometimes the subject being filmed is too small to make noises you can actually hear.


The guy who creates those sounds in a studio is called a foley artist.  And a profile on a foley artist named Richard Hinton shows some of those tricks . . . like stretching out a slinky to add sound to a spider shooting a web.


Or tapping on strands of audio tape to simulate the sounds of a spider’s footsteps.  He even makes sounds for the Northern Lights, a time-lapse video of mushrooms growing, and flowing lava.

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