Dunkin’ Donuts Is Giving Away Free Donut Fries On Friday

The Giveaway Happens Friday for National French Fry Day

OMG! I’m freaking out over these. Why am I just now finding out about Donut Fries?!? This is a genius idea!

Dunkin’ Donuts recently announced their donut fries and will be taking it a step further this Friday (July 13th) by giving them away for National French Fry Day.

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brb, donut fries

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At select Dunkin’ Donuts locations, the first 100 people to visit Dunkin’ Donuts will receive a warm box of cinnamon sugar goodness. The giveaway will be available from 10am – 2pm at 25 Dunkin’ Donut locations.

YOU’RE WELCOME, AMERICA. #donutfries 🍩🍟

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Some lucky donut lovers will get their hands on the free donut fries and enjoy them in a limited edition fry box!

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